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In this listing you'll find an alphabetically arranged collection of pairs, lots and suites of matching or similar items.

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AG-1900 Brazilian Agate Set
Price $130.00
AG-2019 Brazilian Agate Set
Price $130.00
AG-3346C Laguna Agate Pair: 15.8 ct. tw.
Price $26.00
AG-4434B Malawi Agate Set: 45 ct. tw.
Price $158.00
AM-1393 Siberian Amethyst Pair
Price $64.00
AM-1397 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $54.00
AM-1403 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $55.00
AM-1405 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $42.00
AM-1537 Siberian Amethyst Pair
Price $52.00
AM-1714 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $32.00
AM-1937 Uruguayan Amethyst Pair
Price $42.00
AMZ-6562 Amazonite Pair
Price $38.00
CE-6946 Celestobarite
Price $42.00
CH-9183B Chrysoprase
Price $51.00
CP-9243 Chrysocolla/Cuprite Set
Price $130.00
GA-1538 Garnet Lot
Price $39.60
You Save: $4.40
GA-4438B Orissa Garnet Lot: 13.3 ct. tw.
Price $144.00
You Save: $16.00
I-7009 Precision Inlay Pair
Price $127.00
J-8029 Chinese Turquoise 14 Kt. Gold Omega Earrings
Price $340.00
JA-4491B Fossilized Palmwood Jasper Pair 20.2 ct. tw.
Price $71.00
JA-8051 Morrison Jasper Pair
Price $75.00
JA-9010 Savannah Jasper Pair
Price $72.00
JA-9102B Oolitic Jasper Pair
Price $37.00
JA-9138B Guadalajara Jasper
Price $98.00
JA-9231 Morrison Ranch Jasper Pair
Price $62.00
MS-1431 Sri Lankan Moonstone Pair
Price $99.00
MS-1433 Blue Moonstone Pair
Price $115.00
MS-1442 Sri Lankan Moonstone Pair
Price $100.00
MS-1468 Sri Lankan Moonstone Pair
Price $102.00
MS-1504 Blue Moonstone Pair
Price $68.00
MS-1536 Blue Moonstone Set
Price $133.00
MS-1575 Blue Moonstone Pair
Price $60.00
MS-1751 Blue Moonstone Pair
Price $120.00
MS-1760 Blue Moonstone Pair
Price $98.00
OP-6106 Carved Opal Doublet
Price $100.00

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